Wisely Laser New 3D Galvo Laser Marking Machine

2021-01-29Wisely Laser

New Type 3D Galvo Fiber Laser Marking Machine.
1. 3D Fiber Laser Type-III.jpeg
JPT LP 30/50/70/100W Fiber Laser Source:
-Beam quality M2<1.6.
-Average power stability < ±1.5% over 8 hours.
-Long lifespan over 100,000 hours. 
-Frequency Range: 1-600KHZ.

FeelTech 3D (Model: F10Pro) Scanning System:
-Standard XY2-100 protocol.
-Support wavelength: 1064nm
-Designed based on output beam characteristics of popular laser on the market, maximize the use of optical lens
-CNC shell,dust prevention,compact structure,easy to integrate.
-Double driving Z axis dynamic focus module design,reponse frequency≥100HZ@±10°.

Genuine FeelTech Control Card  And Software:
-With Embossing Marking Fuction.
-With Curve Marking Function (Software).
-With 2D Rotation Marking Function.                                                                                                               
-8 channels input/4 channels output.                                                                                                                            
-Support 3D application, support importing of STL model,self-developed model, etc. 

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