3D Dynamic Wedding Invitations Cards Laser Cutting Machine3D Dynamic Wedding Invitations Cards Laser Cutting Machine3D Dynamic Wedding Invitations Cards Laser Cutting Machine3D Dynamic Wedding Invitations Cards Laser Cutting Machine3D Dynamic Wedding Invitations Cards Laser Cutting Machine

3D Dynamic Wedding Invitations Cards Laser Cutting Machine

3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Cutting Machine can accomplish wedding invitation greeting cards' hollowing and cutting process. 
Comparing with normal CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine, it has smaller carving line and high speed hollowing speed 
(one normal paper card hollowing can be finished in 1-2 seconds), therefore, the final product will have no black cutting edge 
and increase the processing efficiency. It can also be used for wood, leather, shoes, marble, plastic processing, including 
carving, drilling, cutting etc.
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  • Technical Parameters

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1. This machine adopts 3D Dynamic Galvanometer Control System. Original Imported 180W/275W metal RF laser tube.
2. Fully enclosed laser optical system, no adjustment or maintenance needed, can be used directly after installation. 

3. Original imported metal RF laser tube with high laser power, gas inside the tube can be refilled again.
4. American CTI 3D dynamic scan head, one time scan area could reach to 1500*1500mm. 
5. Large-scale marking engraving cutting dotting and hollowing on leather, shoe, denim, jeans, textile, fabric, invitation paper. 
6. Equipped with foot switch for easy operation. 
7. High precision and speed performance with cutting&engraving working.
8. Professional industrial thermostatic circulation of water cooling system ensures more stable running and lower consumption.
9. Strict multiply protection control system can be applied in wild operation temperature.
10. With Wisely Laser software, various formats are supported according to your requirements. 


1. Permanent: Mark will not subside because of environmental reasons (touch, acidic or reducing gas, high or low temperature etc).
2. Non-contact: Laser marking is a non-mechanical “light knife” for processing, the workpiece will not produce stress after marking.
3. Wide application: CO2 Dynamic Laser Marking can work on all non-metal materials.

4. High precision for engraving & marking.
5. Low operating costs: Low energy consumption, no consumptive materials, and therefore lower operating costs.
6. High efficiency: CO2 Dynamic Laser Marking Machine’s Engraving&Marking speed can reach to 7-10m/s.
7. Large marking area: With the high power laser tube and the 3D Scanner technology, the CO2 Dynamic Laser Marking Machine can work on large size.
8. Easy development: Replaces the traditional mold marking process from the fundamental, shorten the product upgrade ycle and provide a convenient tool for flexible production.

Technical Parameters

Marking Area600*600mm
Max Marking Area800*600
Marking Speed≤ 7,000mm/s
Power Consumption≤ 5 KWH
WorktableMarble Worktable/Aluminum Honeycomb Worktable
Laser SourceCoherent CO2 metal RF Laser Tube
Laser Wavelength10.6um
Laser Frequency20KHZ-200KHZ
ScannerCTI America
Cooling WayCirculation of Water Cooling
Power Supply110V~380V/50Hz~60Hz
File FormatsPLT, DXP, BMP, JPG, AI etc
Software CharacterDotting Design, Vector Drawing, Marking, Scribing and Cutting


Within 10~30 working days after receiving your payment.


International Standard Packing--Plywooden Case--free of fumigation.


Whole machine has a warranty period of 24 months since the production date.


1~3 working-days training free of charge in factory. The buyer can discuss the details with WISELY salesman.


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