3D Uv Laser Marking Machine 3D Uv Laser Marking Machine 3D Uv Laser Marking Machine 3D Uv Laser Marking Machine 3D Uv Laser Marking Machine 3D Uv Laser Marking Machine

3D Uv Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Machine adopts INNO UV Laser source, the third-order cavity frequency doubling technology, compared with infrared laser, UV lasers at 355nm provide a small-size spot and a big focal depth, short laser wavelength interrupts molecular chains of material, can greatly reduces the mechanical deformation and temperature distortion of materials, it is a cold laser, mainly used for super precise marking and engraving, particularly suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking, micro porous, high-speed dividing for glass, complex graphics wafer cutting on silicon materials, etc.
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1. UV Laser Marking Machine is mainly used in precision processing of high-end market, handicrafts, medicine, 
    cosmetics, video and other polymer materials packaging bottle, the mark is very precise and stands wear, better 
    than ink printing and pollution-free.

2. The flexible PCB marking and scribing, silicon and wafer micro hole, blind hole processing;

3. LCD glass QR code marking, glass wares punching, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, communications 
    equipment, gifts and so on.

5. Very suitable for the material which is greatly reacted by thermal radiation, can work with production line to feed and 
    discharge materials automatically.

Technical Parameters

Model MY-UV05-3DIII
Laser Power 3W
Optional Laser Power 5W / 7W / 10W
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Working Area 100*100mm
Optional Working Area 70*70mm /140*140mm / 175*175mm / 200*200mm / 300*300mm
Beam Quality M2 <1.2
Output Laser Power 0~100% 
Output Frequency 5KHz~80KHz
Power Stability (8h) <±1%rms
Pulse Width 10-50ns
Focus Spot Diameter <0.01mm
UV Laser Source IINNO Laser
Scan Head  FeelTech 3D (UV-10) Scanning 
Controller and Software                       FeelTech Controller and software                   
Marking Speed 7000mm/s
Min. Line Width ≤0.005mm
Min. Character 0.15mm
Repeated Precision ±0.003mm
Compatible Format of File PLT, DXF, AI, BMP, JPG and so on.
System Operation Environment Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 - 32 / 64bits
Cooling Mode Water Cooling
Operation Environment 15℃~35℃
Lifespan of UV Laser Source Max. 20,000 hours

Optional Devices

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100% or 40% prepaird before production, balance payment before shipment. (Negotiable)

Bank Wire, Paypal, Western Union, Credit Card, Alibaba.


Machine will be sent out 5-10 working days after receiving the payment.

By Express: 6-10 days. (Highly Recommended)

By Sea: 30-45 days. 


International standard plywooden case.


Whole machine has a warranty period of 12 months since the production date.


1~3 working days training free of charge in factory or online training via TeamViewer, Skype, WeChat, FB.

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