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Fiber Laser Applications: Laser Cleaning

2023-06-16Wisely Laser

Fiber Laser Applications: Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning is an important process for many industries around the world, and while it has similarities to other laser processes, it has some unique principles and fundamentals which set it apart. This article explores how Fiber Laser cleaning works, the benefits it has for industries around the world and examples of applications.

Fiber Laser Cleaning: An Introduction

Laser cleaning is one of the more modern versions of the cleaning process and has rapidly replaced more traditional methods such as dry-ice blasting or media blasting due to the numerous benefits that it provides.

It offers these benefits as it works in a significantly different way to the processes that have preceded it. Furthermore, using a fiber laser as the medium works in a very different way to other types of laser cleaning methods. We have explored this in more detail below and explained why fiber laser cleaning is the most efficient, safe and cost-effective cleaning solution on the market.

How does it work?

There are two elements to examine with fiber laser cleaning; how laser cleaning works, and how a fiber laser itself works.
Laser cleaning operates by using a laser beam to pulse the surface layer of a material, ablating and vapourising it to the desired depth to leave a clean, pure surface beneath. The important fundamentals to note here are that this is a non-contact process, so the laser beam wont have any adverse abrasive side effects on the material like more traditional laser processes that have come before.
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